About MUC
Mahtab Uddin Degree College (MUC) located at Kaligonj under Jhenaidah district, is one of the most important and earliest higher educational institutions. It offers H.S.C, Degree(pass) and four years honors course. The college is affiliated with the national university. More than 2852 students study here.

Brief History
On the First day of August 1966 Mahtab Uddin Degree College (MUC) was set up by a group of enlightened people of this locality. Afsar Uddin and Nur Ali Mia were the leading pioneers who made an immense contribution to the establishment of this institution. Abdul Halim a versatile genius played the role of an aiding principal. It is situated beside Dhaka-Khulna high way covering acres Earlier the college started its activities with humanities and business studies. Later on science was opened in 1968 and humanities and business studies were introduced in the degree level in 1984.

The main objectives of the college were to remove the darkness of ignorance and enlighten the illiterate and neglected people of this region. Since its inception the college was blessed with a cluster of scholars who left on stone unturned to improve the standard of education and progress through is the students.

During the bloody battle of 1971 the college played a vital role to liberate the countrymen from (subjugation) slavery, oppression, exploitation and repression. A large number of teachers, students and employ took part in liberation war and brought glory and peace for the nation. Their valuable sacrifices for the Couse of independence enhanced the familiarity with people of this country.

Presently the college enrolls more than 2852 students including intermediate degree and honours levels. The college also introduced the business management course in 1998 realizing the importance of technical education. The college also opened honours in bangla, sociology and marketing in 2011.

The college is now in natural scenic beauty that must fascinate the visitors as they enter the campus.